Sadism And Masochism- In Which Money Becomes The Center Of The Relationship For Black London Mistress

Behind these names are men devoted to a sexual paraphilia known as findom in which the loss of power, represented in the form of money, produces excitement before a mistress that takes them to a limit where they feel they can lose everything. “You men are so pathetic,” sums up a domina during her conversation with PAPEL. Cash, bank transfers, gifts … financial slaves will do anything, even hand over control of their accounts, to please their “goddess.””E l findom is a BDSM-type sexual practice -Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism- in which money becomes the center of the relationship. 

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They submit through it. The mistress stands as a being superior who does not even have to get to see his submissives in person “, explains the sexologist Silvia Sanz. They fight among themselves to pay for dinners, new shoes, weekend drinks or even plans with her boyfriend . All these “human tellers” expect in return is anything but a thank you.”There are days when I tell them that when the goddess opens her eyes in the morning she has to have 50 euros in her account . They even beg me to let them be more,” says Elena Cruz, who started in this world ago a little over a year when a man brought in extra money after making a sale at Wallapop. 

She has not even had face-to-face encounters with her submissives, nor has she sent them photographs or videos in which she is seen naked because they have to be clear that she is a “princess” who must be taken care of.”I always let them know that the whores are them and not me,” adds Lady Verónica, a mistress who works with more forms of domination besides findom and who does carry out sessions in person. “The submissive has to feel that you are powerful before him, and for this you have to have a way of being, a look, a voice … That with a simple word you are able to humiliate that person. Not everyone is worth it. for that, although now with the crisis there are many women who try to act to pretend that they are mistresses. This is something with which one is born , and the submissive notices it “.

Although the volume of money that moves this sexual paraphilia in Spain is still very residual, in other countries such as the United Kingdom or the United States there are mistresses who come to amass fortunes in gifts from their submissives. Theodora, one of the most important financial dominions in the world, began accepting cryptocurrencies four years ago, and, with the revaluation of Bitcoin , claims to have earned more than one million euros last year. Handing over control over their accounts is what best exemplifies that power for them,” acknowledges the young French woman who, among other things He has a phone line that charges $ 25 a minute for being ignored.

“They tend to be normal people, with positions of responsibility in which they are authoritarian but without that meaning that they have to be very powerful people. Sometimes they don’t even have a lot of money and they give based on what they have.