The Study On The Effects Of Sadomasochism By Dominatrix London

As new scientific research suggests, sadomasochism , basically sexual enjoyment by causing or receiving pain , appears to cause an altered state of consciousness similar to the experiences of yoga or meditation. With this starting point, I propose that today we get to know the study and analyze how sadomasochism works and its curious effects at the brain level . Better visit this site to get a favourite information

This new and peculiar scientific study was developed at the University of Northern Illinois and was led by the American psychologist James Ambler , presenting at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Austin, Texas. It was based on an experience in which 14 “ switches ” participated, people who enjoyed both receiving and causing pain, whose roles were decided by throwing a dice.

Before and after the sexual experience, the participants completed a cognitive test according to the Stroop effect or Jaensch effect ,Dominatrix London  which basically consists of matching words and colors and is widely used to know the cognitive abilities or abilities of each individual. In addition, the participants also completed questionnaires to quantify the flows of enjoyment and concentration during the experience.

. According to Mr. Ambler, this translates into a short-term reduction in brain functions located in the so-called dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

This region of the brain is the one linked to executive control, working memory, and similar high-level functions. For Ambler, the pain developing in conjunction with sex may be diverting blood flows from these regions and therefore an altered state of consciousness that may explain the attractiveness of BDSM members in their practices on a physiological basis. In addition, Ambler also suggests that because some of these activities are so extreme, certain levels of sadomasochistic practices are particularly effective at sending or diverting blood flow to the brain.

However, those participants who found themselves in the role of causing pain during sexual activity, also reported low blood flows directed to these brain regions. On the other hand, it should also be noted that these parts of the brain are the same ones that are activated with some of the effects caused by endorphins , while dreaming, under the effect of certain drugs or when concentration exercises are performed and developed elevated states of consciousness as in the case of yoga.  Does this sexual practice have its benefits Dominatrix London? How much do we know about our brain and the ways in which it actually develops our sexual preferences?

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